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Training Department

With a view to meeting overall goal of various programs by making positive changes in knowledge, skill, outlook, strategy and behavior of staffs for sustainable development as well as development of modern world, importance of training knows no bound. In line with its continuity, SSS established training centre in 1998 for human resource development.


Staffs: At present, a Director supervises the overall training department of SSS with five members training pool. There are supporting staffs also. Like- an accountant, an office assistant, two messengers, two security guards, a cook and a cleaner.


Training Centre-1: SSS transferred the training centre to West Akur Takur Para in 2008 in order to facilitate training activities spontaneously. There are two office rooms, a library, a classroom (30 seats), a dining room (30 seats), a store room, two guest dormitory (4 beds), a trainer dormitory (two beds), six trainee dormitory (four beds), a cook dormitory (one bed) and a kitchen in the training centre.


Training Centre-2: With a view to extend its human resource development activities, SSS launched training centre-2 in its old head office (San-E-Aat Bhaban) in 2013. There are a reception, an office room, six residential rooms (30 beds) and an air-conditioned classroom in the training centre.


Main Activities of the Department

trainingThe activities mainly performed by training department are presented in the picture below:


Training Courses:

  1. Basic Training for: Field Organizers (5 days)
  2. Basic Training for: Assistant Branch Managers (10 days)
  3. Group dynamism, Savings and Microcredit Management Training (4 days)
  4. Entrepreneur Development and Business Management Training (5 days)
  5. Bookkeeping and Financial Management Training (6 days)
  6. Savings and Microcredit Management Training: ABMs/BMs (6 days)
  7. Effective Program Management Training: BMs/AMs (3 days)
  8. Group Dynamism and Leadership Development Training: group members (one day)