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SSS has been working since 1994 with a view to enkindling the light of education in the neglected Horijan Community. Presently 217 Hindu families comprising 900 members dwell in the Horijan Palli of Tangail. Majority of the residents were unschooled, physically ill and addicted to drugs. Women and children were in the worst condition. Before 1995 no resident of Horijan Palli got the opportunity to enroll themselves in any school.

In order to expand education among trailing children of Horijan Community, SSS established Ideal Primary School in Horijan Palli in 1995. It turned to full-fledged primary school with financial support from Terre-des Hommes (TdH) Netherlands in 1999. Then a three storied modern school building named “SSS-Poura Ideal High School” was built in 2015 with financial support from Rotterdam Association for Catholic Education (RVKO).

SSS-Poura Ideal High School has been launched in the new building with 324 students (162 boys and 162 girls) from 1 January 2016. Here students of Play Group to class one are taught in English version and student of class two to eight in Bengali medium. Presently, TdH-Netherlands and SSS have jointly been funding the school. Children from all classes of the society get a chance to have honorary education here.

There are facilities of information technology and English education in SSS-Poura Ideal High School. Besides, it also put importance on the education of food-nutrition-health, sports and physical exercise. Regular meetings are arranged with guardians of the students. Different problems related to students are reviewed; full cooperation and counsels of the guardians are ensured in these meetings. On the other hand, teachers and students of the school get regular healthcare support from SSS Hospital.

As on December 2016, 312 students (157 boys and 155 girls) study there.