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SSS and TdH Netherlands jointly built a 50-bed hospital on its own land in 2002. With a view to providing cost effective and quality healthcare for the poor and socially excluded people SSS has been facilitating hospital activities since 1998.

All possible facilities of the hospital are: Necessary clinical investigations and routine examinations; proper diagnosis and effective treatment. Apart from that, 17 sub-health centers are providing medical services at the grassroots level.

Major services: Surgery, ophthalmology, ENT, dermatology, obstetrics, pathology, physiotherapy, ultra-sonogram and x-ray. A pool of specialized doctors is available on specific days a week at hospital for clinical care.

A total of 8,18,619 patients received both preventive and curative healthcare services from SSS Hospital till December 2016.

Eye Department: ‘Eye Department’ was introduced to SSS Hospital with financial support from TdH-Netherlands. Eye Department procured latest and precious instruments and other appliances. Phaco surgery, eye test through computer, operation theatre equipped with modern instrument and any kind of eye treatment have been made available under direct supervision of eye specialist along with trained and experienced doctors.

A total of 1,050 eye patients were treated during January-December 2016.