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Special Program

Putting importance on specialized problems of the society, SSS adopted special program with a view to providing support to different individuals and institutions. SSS extends its financial support in bearing treatment cost for the poor and vulnerable patients, providing higher education to brilliant students belonging to poor families, improving and sponsoring sports and athletes in various educational institutions, the rehabilitation of the affected in unexpected disasters and inversions, arranging marriage for girls of poor families, building schools, colleges, madrasas and so on.


During 2015-2016, SSS spent a total of Tk. 7.17 lac in this sector and some number of individuals and organizations were benefited.


Welfare Activities

Many poor meritorious students sometimes cannot afford to continue their education in schools, colleges or universities or guardians of low income fail to provide examination fee or bear related expenses; in that case SSS comes forward to provide financial assistance and thus provides courage and strengthens their spirit.


In this regard, during 2015-2016 the organization spent Tk. 52.18 lac and a number of individuals were benefited.


Socio-Cultural Development Activities

Organizing regular cultural festivals and practicing games, sports and other cultural activities refreshes our mind.  They are necessary for healthy recreation of body and mind, development of merit and potentialities of our adolescent boys and girls. They also help to strengthen spirit, amity, empathy, sympathy and bonds of friendship. SSS continues to provide supports in order to build this kind of social bonding and culture.


If we can involve children and adolescents in socio-cultural activities, it will result in the building of nation using their potential strength and organizing them in the service of humanity. On the other hand, practicing religious rites and rituals can eliminate social bug like drug addiction and other infectious diseases. Keeping these perceptions in mind SSS is providing significant financial and other essential supports in the field of sports, religious and cultural activities.


During 2015-2016, Tk. 5.88 lac was spent on the purpose of socio-cultural development activities and a number of individuals and organizations were benefited.