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Every child has the right of living a normal life. But in our society, people despise the children of brothel from a long ago. These children are deprived of a number of human rights. SSS started to take initiatives to rescue, rehabilitate and mainstream these children. TdH-Netherlands stretched its supportive hand to this generous activity. In this context, SSS established Sonar Bangla Children Home in 1999 at the village of Kuijbari of Mogra union under Sadar Upazila of Tangail with financial support from TdH-Netherlands. SSS freely provides the brothel children with accommodation, clothing, formal education and healthcare. Students can also enjoy games, entertainment, cultural and religious activities and technical education there. In this way, they get opportunities to develop themselves normally just like the mainstreamed children of the society.

As of December 2016, a total of 83 students (42 boys and 41girls) of different classes live there.

Presently, a total 16 boys and girls are studying in the primary school of Sonar Bangla Children Home. There is the arrangement of special coaching classes for secondary level students. Students also get regular training on singing, dancing, acting, reciting, martial art etc. beyond education.

Through the implementation of these activities by ECDP of SSS, the rescued children have been restored to the realm of disciplined and healthy life out of the world of utter deviation and aberration.

Till 31 December 2016, SSS arranged marriages for two boys and 13 girls. SSS plays the role of guardian in all these marriage related arrangements. Eight children were managed employment.