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Our ambient, society and culture, office and court and rules and regulations—all are frequently being changed. In the trend of changing, it brings novelties, diversifications and demand in society and conversely it engender problems as-well. In order to bring momentum way of coping with troubles, optimum utilization of available advantages and opportunities and initiating the approaches of new potentialities research work has no substitution.


Again, the existence of changes, potentialities, success-failure and innovations rely upon well publications which express those to the general properly, that is: the role of publication knows no bound. The symmetric information of change and innovations is exposed to people through stories and descriptions, sometimes deep scrutiny or a simple news presentation.


11.1 Research Activities

‘Development and Research’ flow in the same stream. Be it an institute or state, issue-based realistic study always shows the way of development in every sector. The development is more accelerated there where the density, importance and implementation of research are more outstretched. With a view to improving the condition of poverty-stricken and neglected society, SSS has been implementing innovative multidimensional activities through either formal or informal researches—exposure visit, observation or scrutinizing since inception.


SSS has been facilitating different research and observational activities since the initiation of Research and Publication department. Before implementing a project or program, it scrutinizes and analyses problems, potentialities, opportunities and utilities of the same.


To evaluate of running programs or projects, bring out their findings and easy approaches of handling and diagnosing the prevailed shortcomings and opportunities and make inferences about actual circumstances of any activities, there is conducted action researches through following proper methodology: synopsis, literature review, data collection process, equation and model selection, data analysis framework,   thesis writing and so on. Simultaneously, analyzing beneficiary successes, collecting and analyzing demand based information, making case studies, collecting information as par demand of different departments and offices of GO-NGOs, writing and disseminating reports and so on are also run under the research activities.


11.2 Publication Activities

Publication reflects the image of any organization. Nature and quality of organizational activities are revealed through appropriate symmetric information and descriptions. Genuinely, publications bring away goodwill and recognitions for organization, keep development and enrichment upward. The predominant goal of publication activities is to present positive success of overall activities of SSS in easy and impulsive language to the society.


The Key Activities of publication:

  • Collecting, analyzing and preserving data, information, documents and photographs of all projects and programs;
  • Writing reports and cover story based on data and information;
  • Writing editorial;
  • Editing reports;
  • Matter make-up
  • Designing page and cover.


Demand-based Information Supply: Providing information to different individuals, institutions, donor organizations, departments and offices; publishing success news and activities of the organization and visits of different domestic and foreign organizations in different media.


Participation: Participating in different national and international day observances, meetings and seminars. At the same time, providing necessary information, essays and reports in order to ensure the participation of the SSS and its beneficiaries in national and international award and accreditation activities.


Library: It is ensuring constant supply of preserved books and newspapers from library to the staffs and assisting in their development and making clear concept of current and upcoming situations.


Making Meeting Proceedings: Preparing and distributing proceedings of different meetings and seminars of the organization is also an important activities of this department. [Steps and processes of the activities of Research and Publication department are shown in fig-11]


11.3 Implemented Activities

During 2015-2016, research and publication department implemented the following activities:


  1. SSS Bulletin of July-September, October-December 2015 and January-March, April-June 2016 both in English and Bengali Versions have been edited and printed.


  1. Diary 2016 was compiled, edited and printed.


  1. Annual Report 2015-2016, both in Bengali and English Versions, was written, compiled, edited and printed.


  1. A research work on “Findings of SSS Begging Eradication Program: a Close Observation and Evaluation” has been conducted and the thesis has been prepared as-well.


  1. A synopsis on “Causes and Propensity of Intentional Resignation of Staffs at Field Level: an Investigation and Analysis” has been prepared and the overall process is undergoing.


  1. To enhance dexterousness and creativity among the officers and workers, two orientations on Basic of Journalism and a three-day training on Photos Shooting were organized.   


  1. Necessary information and case studies on SSS and five successful entrepreneurs has been sent with a view to participating in Citi Micro-entrepreneur Award 2016.


  1. An essay on PRIME project was written and necessary related information was provided with a view to participating in Southeast Bank Limited Green Award 2016.


  1. Necessary information and contents has been provided with a view to keeping the website of SSS updated.


  1. Necessary case studies were prepared and submitted to PKSF, CDF and other institutions according to their demands. Some of the case studies were included in different publications of PKSF.


  1. Relevant information, photographs and documents of all programs of SSS were collected and preserved.


  1. Participation in different important days and events, making press releases and publishing the same have been continued.


  1. Updated monthly activity reports in selected format were prepared and submitted to the Deputy Commissioner of Tangail.
  2. Information has been provided to other departments of SSS according to the demand.
  3. Information has been collected for and provided to donor organizations and different Government and non-Government offices according to the demand.
  4. Participated in different events of SSS, collected information and photographs and prepared press releases.
  5. Demand-based brochures have been prepared for some projects of SSS.
  6. The department prepared proceedings of different meetings at central level such as monthly coordination meeting of Zonal Managers, monthly coordination meeting of Area Managers, coordination meeting of Zonal Accountants, special coordination meetings at central level, meetings of loss and branches and low-growth branches and disseminated them to concerned departments.


  1. The department fulfilled the responsibility of disseminating all publications of the organization to selected individuals and organizations in due time.