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Establishing social justice and peace through positive socioeconomic improvement of rural and urban people.


Organizing backward women, men and children, planning and implementing pragmatic programs in developing human resources and ensuring participatory sustainable development through the optimum alternative use of assets-capabilities-potentialities and implementing effective financial services.


Encouraging deprived people towards socioeconomic development by making them aware of prosperity and organizing them;

Making people aware of food-nutrition and healthcare, providing them with healthcare services and eradicating malnutrition;

Providing sanitation services for improving rural health and technical and financial support to install tube-wells for safe drinking water;

Ensuring women empowerment and encouraging them to fight against all kinds of oppressions including violence against women, dowry, irrational divorce and polygamy;

Implementing various appropriate welfare activities to prevent child marriage, juvenile delinquencies and other antisocial activities;

Arranging rehabilitation for orphan children, old and destitute people and persons with disability and alleviating begging from the society;

Making schools child-friendly to bring disinterested children to schools, establishing child rights and arranging education for poor meritorious children;

Providing financial services to the target groups with a view to undertaking IGAs and alleviating poverty;

Developing skills irrespective of men and women for creating new self and wage-based employment opportunities; and

Implementing environment saving and environment friendly activities and arranging relief and rehabilitation during natural disasters.