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Establishing social justice and peace through socio-economic improvement of rural and urban people.



Planning and implementing pragmatic programs in developing human resources; ensuring participatory sustainable development through designing and implementing effective programs and organizing backward men and women, adolescents and children.



  • Making people aware of their problems, solutions thereof and organize themselves.
  • Encouraging organized poor people towards economic development.
  • Making people aware of health, providing healthcare services and eradicating malnutrition;
  • Providing sanitation services for improving rural health; installing tube-well for safe drinking water.   
  • Enhancing status of women, encouraging and organizing them to fight against all kinds of oppressions including violence against women, dowry and irrational divorce.
  • Encouraging women to defend polygamy, child marriage and all other unsocial activities.
  • Developing skills irrespective of men and women for creating new employment opportunities.
  • Arranging relief and rehabilitation during natural disaster.
  • Arranging rehabilitation for orphan children, old people and persons with disability.
  • Implementing various welfare activities to prevent juvenile delinquencies.
  • Operating credit programs for the target groups to create employment opportunities and undertake IGAs.
  • Making schools child-friendly to bring disinterested children to schools and establishing child rights.