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I release paramount welcome to all concerned from my cardiac-hole: all are greeted! In the epoch of information and computer technology (ICT), a full-fledged web-site carries out the weight and dimension of an organization with visual and real statistics. I hope, this site (SSS web-site) could address all the real and rational data, information and figures of SSS which pay fulfillment of your demands and queries as well.

The innovation, ideas and methodologies produced by SSS in favor of poverty alleviation and development, proper utilization of assets and human-resources and empowerment of underprivileged people are the key contents of web-site.

I express my heartiest greeting to all concerned, especially all donors, organizations, departments, individuals and followers directly and indirectly linked to SSS. I also put my intense well-wishes to beneficiaries and workers of SSS.

With thanks— 

Murshed Alam Sarker 


SSS (Society for Social Service)