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Poultry and Livestock Development Program


Almost every family in rural and sub-town regions is related to poultry and livestock rearing. The contribution of this sector in our national economy is highly mentionable. It is also the main source of food and protein in our country. A large number of people are getting self-employment and wage based employment in the production and marketing of egg-meat-milk and dairy products and production and importing of leather and leather products.


Poultry and Livestock Development Program


Poultry and livestock resource development is one of the very promising subsectors of Bangladesh. Different measures have been taken to make this sector strong. SSS has been working to inspire each family under working area in poultry and livestock rearing. During reporting time, the organization has been implementing several projects and programs on poultry and livestock development with funding of different donor and government organizations.


Although some of the projects and programs phased out under the command of donor organizations, their impact is still there in the working area. SSS has been providing overall assistance to the beneficiaries to keep the activities running. Mostly, it has been extending the sector through financial, technical and training services. Presently, the activities are expanded over entire working area of the organization. The level of self-employment and wage based employment is continuously uprising in beneficiary families through entrepreneur creation.


In 2015-2016, a total of 116,867 beneficiaries received Tk. 325.86 crore as credit under the Poultry and Livestock Development activities. Of them, micro-entrepreneurship beneficiaries were 25,435 and they received credit Tk. 146.64 crore. 


Cap: A broiler chicken farm of a beneficiary under Poultry and Livestock Development activities


Cow Fattening Seasonal Credit

We can increase income of poverty stricken families by utilizing seasonal and environment based facilities, creating seasonal employment and ensuring proper use of asset and labor. With a view to engaging beneficiary families in this kind of activities, SSS imparted cow fattening credit facilities to its main credit program. The activity is being implemented with financial support from PKSF and SSS own fund.


The credit facility is provided 5-6 months ahead of Eid-ul-Azha. Beneficiary families can receive loan amount of Tk. 15,000 to Tk. 25,000 in order to purchase cows. They repay the entire amount at a time after 5-6 months by selling cows. The service charge is 25 per cent on declining method.  The credit facility is provided to the beneficiaries of any area including Haor and Char region according to their demand throughout the year.


Information related to cow fattening credit program during 2015-2016 is following:







Number of Borrowers



Loan Disbursement (Crore Tk.)



Loan Outstanding (Crore Tk.)



Recovery Rate



In order to be a beneficiary of the program, members must have past experience on cow fattening or they must attend cow fattening training course organized by the organization. On the other hand, after purchase of cows SSS technical officer continue to provide necessary counsels and technical support to them.