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ENRICH is an innovative program. The program is an integrated device of lives, livelihood and other matters related to the poor people along with nutrition and education in eliminating their poverty. SSS has been implementing the program putting importance on making optimum use of assets and skills of poor families, increasing their assets and capacities in future as well, and taking necessary strategies.

With planning of PKSF and funding of SSS, SSS started “Enhancing Resources and Increasing Capacities of Poor Households towards Elimination of their Poverty–ENRICH program in the beginning of 2010 in Dainna Union of Tangail District through Charabari Branch. In the beginning of 2012, the organization launched Dainna branch at Dainna union in order to increase the amplitude of the activities of ENRICH program and to deliver better services at the doorsteps of the beneficiaries. On the other hand, the program was started in Bahadurshadi union under Kaliganj branch of Gazipur on October 2014.  At present, 14,491 families in 45 villages getting the benefits of ENRICH program. The number of beneficiaries is 59,313.

55 education centres have been established according to the reality and demand at the field level, apart from the activities going on in five education centres along with students willing to go to primary school and the dropped-outs in the unions under ENRICH. A total of 1,454 students of pre-primary level, class one and two are taught in these education centres.

In order to increase access into health services, primary healthcare activities have been applied among target families in the working area. Health providers of ENRICH program feed the children with deworming syrup moving from house to house, check blood pressure of pregnant mothers and general people, and measure weight of pregnant mothers and their children. They also examine blood sugar of the diabetic patients, their blood pressure and blood hemoglobin and do pregnancy identification tests. They provide contraceptive injection to the potent couples. At present, an MBBS doctor provides treatment to the patients four times a month in the satellite clinics under every branch.

During 2015-2016 fiscal year, a total of 10 free medical camps were arranged. 1,851 people got medical services and among them, 21 received eye operation service.

Supports are being provided to cultivate vegetables and different crops in homestead compound. As on 30 June 2016, a total of 2,074 Pheromone traps were distributed among vegetable farmers. 62 farmers were made to produce vermi-compost. LCC cards were distributed among 34 farmers.

Under the joint supervision of Union Parishad, beneficiaries and partner organizations, value chain project (Basak cultivation) along both sides of different roads has been accepted with a view to increasing income and creating employment for the poor people. At the first step, a total of 20 entrepreneurs under the project planted 25 thousand Basak plants along both sides of 16 kilometers of road.

In order to improve the standard of living of the community, 102 Solar Home Systems have been provided till June 2016 to facilitate the education of the children of the villages in Dainna union where there is no electricity. Friendly stoves have been installed in 21 families. One public toilet and nine ENRICH centres have also been set up in the working area. SSS, with financial support from PKSF, has installed and repaired 73 tube-wells and 59 sanitary latrines till June 2016 in different community-based religious institutions and schools. Besides, financial support has been provided to build and repair 37 permanent structures of bamboo culvert and ring culvert.

Income raising credits are being disbursed from May 2012. According to the policies of ENRICH under income raising credit, all members aging above 18 from every family comes under microcredit facilities. In this matter, there is opportunity to take maximum amount of  10 lac taka as credit per family. Income raising borrower will be considered for credit facilities only to develop his/her living standard and create assets.

Till June 2016, trainings have been provided to 42 on cow fattening, 579 on cow rearing. Overall activity of ENRICH program has put positive impact on the minds of local people. Now, it has become popular as a special program in poverty alleviation and sustainable development.