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Society for Social Service (SSS)



Society for Social Service (SSS) established in November 1986 in order to improve socio-economic condition of the poor as well as establish justice and peace in the society.

Target People: Vulnerable, deprived men and women, adolescents and children are the target people.

Program Initiatives: Program of SSS are of two broad types: 1. Credit Program and Non-credit Program.


Working Area: As of June 2016, SSS has expanded its working area in 10,224 villages, 1,182 Unions, 119 Municipalities and 169 Upazilas under 27 Districts of Bangladesh.

Core Program of SSS: SSS has presently been implementing the following core program:

Credit Program: In 1991 SSS started to implement microcredit program. The program expanded to its entire working area. In 2015-2016, SSS disbursed Tk. 1,969.56 crore among 6,28,177 borrowers. Overall average credit recovery rate is 99.70 per cent.

Health Program: SSS has been providing preventive and curative health care, nutrition services since 1996 to the doorstep of the people in remote area. SSS has a well formed Hospital.

Nation-building through Eradicating Malnutrition (NEM): SSS started the NEM project in 2012 for protecting the poor and helpless people from malnutrition and malnutrition related problems. As many as 16000 families were selected as target families. In the working area, the project started sensitizing beneficiaries about nutrition, balanced food, production and supply of food-nutrition, production of nutritious food both domestically and commercially, demerits of malnutrition and other related issues through different discussion meetings and workshops.

Education and Child Development Program: SSS has been working on education with special emphasis on program with the children belonging to deprived communities and meritorious poor students. The core activities are:

Education Project for the Children of Horijan Community: SSS founded ‘Ideal Primary School’ at Kandapara, Tangail in 1995 with a view to providing schooling facilities to the children of Horijan community at Horijan Palli. It turned to full-fledged primary school with financial support from Terre-des Hommes (TdH) Netherlands in 1999. Then a three storied modern school building named “SSS-Poura Ideal High School” was built in 2015 with financial support from Rotterdam Association for Catholic Education (RVKO).

Rehabilitation Activities for the Children Rescued from the Brothel: In 1999 SSS built Sonar Bangla Children Home (safe home) at the village Kuijbari under Mogra Union of Tangail Sadar Upazila to rescue and rehabilitate sex worker’s Children. SSS provides them with accommodation, education and health services freely.

Education for Domestic Children: SSS started the project in 1999 with support from TdH Netherlands to render fair human behavior and protect domestic children from oppression by the members of the employer families. SSS is working on education for domestic children in Tangail town and operates ten education centres with 250 students.

Scholarship for the Poor Meritorious Students: The main objective of this activity is to provide financial support to the poor meritorious students to get with their studies. SSS started the project since 2001.

Recreation Centre for Slum Children: SSS founded child recreation centre at Akur Takur Para of Tangail town in 2004. Mr. Akio Tamura, a Japanese citizen and SSS provide joint support to implement the project. A total of 60 slum children were being benefitted owing to the activities. This project was phased out on 31 December 2016.


Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) Institute: In June 2011, SSS established TVET Institute at Pachh Bikramhati village near Tangail town.  The purpose of the institute is to enhance the scope of employment for the youths of deprived families through providing them with education on technical and vocational skill and knowledge.



SSS has many other programs; like-Training, Aquaculture and Agriculture Extension Program, Poultry and Livestock Development Program, Disaster Management, Relief and Rehabilitation Program, Enhancing Resources and Increasing Capacities of Poor Households towards Elimination of their Poverty–ENRICH Program, Disaster Management Loan (Sahas), Primary Healthcare Program, Begging Eradication Program, Integrated Flood and Climate Change Management Project and so on.

Membership with Networking Agencies: Federation of NGOs in Bangladesh (FNB),Bangladesh Shishu Adhikar Forum (BSAF), CDF, NGO Forum for Public Health, CAMPE and Inafi-Bangladesh and Asia.