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Message from Executive Director

I am delighted that we have been able to present an inclusive web-site to all concerned. This site conveys the real and necessary information of SSS in line with the organization rules and policies.

In the era of information and computer technology (ICT), web-site and software-based activities have made development and financial activities easy and efficient.  As a part of ICT, SSS has been putting into operation internet-based automation activities to provide the clients and beneficiaries with right and clear-cut services, information and advises.

SSS, from its very initiation, has been putting into practice socioeconomic development and welfare-friendly programs and projects emphasizing family-based development activities through highest alternative utilization of assets—wealth, treasure and human resources of the beneficiaries.

We mainly give importance on financial services through inclusive system along with family-based income-generating-activities (IGAs), income diversification activities, health, education, technical education and employment, food-nutrition, primary healthcare, preventive and curative healthcare, operative and non-operative healthcare, Nation-building through Eradicating Malnutrition (NEM) Program, handing over up-to-date technologies, education, scholarship and child development activities, Human-resources Development and training activities, agro-fishery-livestock development activities, Begging Eradication Program, Disaster Management Activities, Socio-cultural Activities, Philanthropic Activities and so on.

I highly appreciate the contribution of all donors, organizations, departments, individual and personalities, well-wishers and employees related to SSS. You, all always be with SSS and development —is our expectation.


With thanks—


Abdul Hamid Bhuiyan

Executive Director

SSS (Society for Social Service)