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Aleya Begum was given in marriage to one lal Miah at her tender age of 15 years when other girls of the same age went to school and spent time in merry making at their parents’ houses. She resides in her in-law house of Bhabanipur village, Union Torapgonj, Upazila Tangail Sadar, District Tangail. Her husband was a poor man. He inherited 20 decimal of homestead land. After her marriage of three years, her father-in-law provided to them that portion of land to maintain the single family of Aleya and lal Miah. Within a few years they became parents of four sons and a daughter. Number of the members then turned to seven. Day labourer Lal Miah by no means was able support his family comprising seven members. Because his earning was scanty to fulfil their day today’s demand. In most cases they had to starve. Want, poverty, sufferings and diseases follow them regularly like shadow-Aleya Begum become almost frustrated owing to poverty and suffering of her family. She began to try her best to redress her problems. At last she got and availed the opportunity.

She heard of the credit activities implemented by SSS at katuli where a group was organized near her father’s house. Aleya shared the activities with her husband. Being inspired at the credit activities her husband advised her to communicate with the Field Worker of SSS. According to the advice of SSS Field Worker she became 24 June 1994 and began to doposit Tk. 2.00 with the samity a week regularly. The reason behind her enrolment in the samity at her father’s village was that no samity till then was organized at the village of her in-law bouse.

In accordance with the rules of credit activities under Rural Micro-credit she was then provided with a loan of Tk. 2000 at the first phase. She increased the capital along with her previous savings and bought an indigenous cow for rearing. She began to take care of the cow. After a few months the cow gave birth to a calf. Aleya then began to milk the cow 4 litre a day. Thus she starts earning every day by selling milk in the local market. Sometimes she kept a portion of milk for consumption of the members of her family. Now she is able to buy necessary items for her family, simultaneously it becomes easier for her to pay installment. Not only had that she increased the rate of weekly deposit with the samity. Thus she completed full payment against the loan. Again she applied for Tk. 4,000 loan for the second time. She received then the same amount as loan under RMC. She again increased the capital by selling the calf and adding savings to the borrowed amount. Again she bought an indigenous cow. Thus the number of her cows began to increase. Simultaneously a change ushered in the economic condition of her family. In course of time Aleya Begum sold her first cow at Tk. 80,000.00 and two oxen which she got from that cow at Tk. 1,10,000.00. With that money she managed to send her son to abroad and bought a shallow machine.

Under the project on Finance for Enterprise Development and Employment Creation (FEDEC) SSS has been implementing `Value Chain Development’ Based Small Enterprise Activities Sub sector (commodities)’. Aleya Begum was enrolled in the project. She then participated in the 2-day long training course on cow rearing. She then learnt properly the process of making balanced diet for cows, ideal house for livestock, improved variety and artificial insemination etc. On completion of training, all trainees visited Tangail Sonali Dairy Farm. Aleya Begum was very much inspired to rear improved variety of cows from that visit to Sonali Dairy Farm. On her return from training Aleya Begum shared everything with her husband. Her husband was also inspired much to rear improved variety of cows. Under the programme of RMC she again received a loan amounting to Tk. 29,000 from SSS. She added her own savings to the borrowed amount and bought a cow belonging to cross variety of Fijian. After a few months that cow gave birth to a calf. She then began to milk from her three cows 20-25 litre. Every day she sells 22-23 litre of milk keeping necessary quantity for her family. As a result she was able to earn more money and meet nutrition requirement of the family. Presently Aleya Begum owns four cows, two oxen and four calves. These livestocks bear the approximate market price of Tk. 7,00,000. She is involved not only in rearing cows only, fattens young of oxen and sells the same in the market. She had already fulfilled daytodays demand of her family. She had purchased 37 decimal of land, as such turned her land property to 57 decimal. Furthermore she had hired five bigha on mortgage at the cost of Tk. 2,50,000. She built necessary tin-shed house, sanitary latrine and tubewell. In course of time she purchased necessary furniture and mobile phone for her family. Presently she deposits Tk. 50 a week with the samity. Her total savings stands at Tk. 8,052. She always receives loan from SSS which she can refund. Presently her family is comprised of seven members including her husband, four sons and a daughter. They are quite happy and solvent. Meanwhile her daughter was given in marriage. Elder son has been working abroad. Other sons have been reading at primary level. It is Aleya Begum who made contribution to the up gradation of her family by dint of her merit, moral strength, endurance and her husband’s cooperation. Aleya now dreams of building a pucca house and a minidairy farm. She believes that SSS will provide to her all possible help in fulfilling her dream.