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Mr. Md. Kawsar Ali (Age-22 years) son of Md. Charag Ali, Village-Singata, Upazila-Dhanbari, District-Tangail comes of a big Muslim family consisting of 12 members. His father is very poor farmer who lives from hand to mouth with his family members. Due to poverty Mr. Kawsar and his brothers & sisters could not go to the school for education. Kawsar was keen desirous to study but he was not sent to school by his parents. Rather he had to work as a daily labour in the field of neighboring well-to-do farmers. But Mr. Kawsar has learnt to read and write from his own initiative at night.
The sisters and brothers of Mr. Kawsar became older and got married and became separated from the joint family. The sorrow and misery of Mr. Kawsar knew no bound at this stage. By this time an old and well-off man of the locality called in Mr. Kawsar and considered him to give two ponds on lease with a condition for payment of the lease money after harvesting and selling fish in the market.
Accordingly in the year before last Mr. Kawsar started to cultivate carp fish in two ponds having leased as per terms and conditions. At the end of the year Mr. Kawsar had no profit after payment of leased money and meeting up all dues.