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Fulbanu lives in a village of Fatepur, Dainna Union of Sadar Upazila, Tangail. She lived earlier in Char Fatepur. The village was situated beside the river Dhaleshwari. Their houses and other assets went under water owing to river erosion. Losing everything she resettled in Fatepur village.

Presently she is 70. She is too old to do day-to-day work of her family. At the old age it was quiet impossible for her to bear her load. She is widowed mother of six children. None of her children came forward to take her responsibility. Finding no other alternatives she went out for taking alms. But at last with the support from ENRICH program of SSS, Fulbanu along with her younger son Sona Mian has become financially self-reliant and she no more goes for alms.

Fulbanu in fact was born in a respectable rich family. Her father lived in a village named Char Pakulla, Upazila and District Tangail. Fulbanu had three other brothers. She was loving daughter of her parents. At the age of 14 only she married a young man belonging to well-off family of Fatepur village. She was a house wife of Molla Bari. Her husband was Mohammad Molla. In his young life he was rich farmer. He owned cultivable land of 17 bigha. Molla couple with three sons and three daughters lived in happiness.

But nothing stays so long. Meanwhile they became victim of severe river erosion. All the cultivable lands went under water. Last of all, Molla sold the remaining pieces of cultivable land to give marriage their three daughters. Two sons married and were separated from their parents. They then became assetless and vulnerable. Mohammad Molla became ill thinking of vulnerable condition of life. He died of severe want and without treatment in 2002.


At the death of her husband Fulbanu’s vulnerability increased. She with her youngest son Sona Mian lived with hardship. Because, Sona Mian was too young to work and earn income. Finding no other alternatives Fulbanu began to work in a rich neighbour’s family as domestic aide. Adolescent Sona Mian also began to work as day labourer. In the meantime Sona Mian married and became father of two children within three years. Then it became almost hard for Sona Mian to maintain four members of his family.
At that time Sona Mian thought of leaving for town to work in a factory. Meanwhile Fulbanu became much older. She was too weak to work as domestic aide. Finding no other alternatives she began to go for alms although once she was a daughter of rich parents and wife of rich husband and disliked begging.
Recently SSS identified 73 beggars in Dainna Union through a survey under the programme of ENRICH funded by PKSF. Initially only five beggars were selected for rehabilitation. Fulbanu was one of them. She received a grant worth Tk. 1,00,000 only. She got the wealth in kind, ie, a rickshaw at Tk. 56,400 run by rechargeable battery, three goats at Tk. 6,020 and a pregnant cow at Tk. 37,580. Her youngest son Sona Mian was called back home and total wealth was handed over to him on condition of taking full responsibility of his old mother.
Sona Mian was living in slum area in the town and lived a life with hardship. Now she drives rickshaw. Every day he earns on average of Tk. 500.
Sona Mian’s wife is also a member of ENRICH. She is included in the activities of income generation. She took credit from ENRICH programme and bought one more milk cow. Now two cows give 4kg of milk. She earns Tk. 200 a day through sale of milk. Sona Mia so far saved Tk. 6,065. Now their average daily income is Tk. 700.
Their dietary standard has been improved. They were able to take electric connection for their household purpose. Fulbanu does not go for begging any more. Sona Mian is now quite capable of maintaining his family. Sona Mian’s two children study at primary school. They now dream of beautiful future.