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The Bengali New Near 1423 was celebrated under the initiative of Tangail District Administration on 14 April 2016. A Mangal Shobhajatra (a procession of wellbeing with colorful feature) was brought out to welcome the Pahela Baishakh of Bangali New Year 1423 The Pohela Boishakh (the first day of the Bengali month Boishakh).

Pohela Boishakh is the heartiest loving outburst of the Bangali. Thousands of people including students, teachers, parents, employees, activists joined in the Mangal Shobhajatra irrespective of caste and creed.

SSS officials and workers have gathered at SSS Head Office at 7 am on 14 April 2016 to celebrate the Bengali New Year 1423. A rally was started from SSS Head Office to Tangail Poura-Uddan under the leadership of Director (Credit) Santosh Chandra Paul. Among others, Mr. Mazharul Haque Bhuiyan, Assitant Director (Credit), Mr. Mozharul haque, Associate Manager (Admin), Mr. Shakhawat Hossain, Associate Program Manager (Construction) and a number of staff members of SSS Head Office took part in the rally.

About 8.30 am a grand Mangal Shabhajatra organized by Tangail District Authority paraded through the Niralamoor, Victoria Road, Old Bus Stand and Mymensingh Road and it ended at the District Administration compound. The rally was led by Deputy Commissioner of Tangail.  Govt. and Non-Govt. organizations, educational institutions, social organization and the representatives of different media houses participated in the Mangal Shabhajatra.

After that, Mr. Sanowar Hossain MP of Tangail-5 inaugurated a seven-day long Boishakhi Mela (Fair) at the District compound.
Besides, day-long cultural and various colorful functions were arranged emphasizing the Bengali new year.